Stolen Art Alert

Volume 4, No. 9

December 1983

Informer Uses IFAR to Return Stolen Rembrandts
— Linda E. Ketchum
Story of how IFAR publicity plays a role in recovering five Rembrandt etchings, allegedly stolen by Dr. Thomas Cruz (see SAA, November 1983)

Thefts In This Issue
Hungary: Renaissance paintings stolen from the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, in Hungary’s largest art theft. Works by Raphael (Esterhazy Madonna), Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo, and Tintoretto. Netherlands: Kaiser Wilhelm II's personal collection. Florida: Whistler watercolor and etching, Russian enamel and silver objets d'art, from an office building in Sarasota. New York: Paintings and Silas Kopf wooden boxes, etc., from parked vehicles.

Owner Sought
Religious sculptures; Joseph Cornell, Box Construction, recovered from Dr. Frank Waxman’s apartment.

Australia: 72 works from Melbourne gallery, stolen April, 1979. Czechoslovakia: Two important early Picassos (Nue Assise and Cotelette). Spain: Dirk Bouts altarpiece – all but three of the panels.

Bad Checks, Follow-Up
Gerald Kaplan, also known as Robert Whitney or posing as owner of Brodney Gallery, pleads guilty to buying art with bogus checks (see SAA, March/April 1983).