Stolen Art Alert

Volume 5, No. 2

March 1984

Museum Preparing for Return of Indian Bronze
Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, reaches agreement with Indian government on return of a Chola-period dancing Siva, stolen in 1978

Photographing Your Art Collection
— Victor Keppler
Photographer Victor Keppler shows how to document collections for insurance purposes and theft recovery. (Reprinted from The Artist's Magazine)

Librarians Hold First Conference on Theft
Excerpts from summary of September 1983 Oberlin Conference on Theft, organized in response to a surge of thefts of important books and manuscripts from libraries.

Book Reviews: The Caravaggio Obsession and The Caravaggio Conspiracy.
— Joan Huntoon, Linda E. Ketchum
Reviews of Oliver Banks, The Caravaggio Obsession and Peter Watson, The Caravaggio Conspiracy.

Home Security System May Be Tax-Deductible
IRS allows deduction where a system's principal purpose is to protect property acquired primarily for investment.

Thefts In This Issue:
New York City: Police have a suspect in a rash of thefts involving a million dollars’ worth of small bronzes and paintings plaguing New York City galleries. Long Island: Picasso’s La dame à la voilette stolen for second time. Pennsylvania: DeShong Museum lost 100 paintings and 50 other art works in 1976-79 thefts. Half the paintings still to be recovered and are listed here. Connecticut: American Indian works reported missing from a Greenwich collection.