Stolen Art Alert

Volume 5, No. 7

September 1984

Pre-Columbian Developments
— B. Burnham
Guatemala signs agreement with United States, designed to reinforce the country’s national scheme to protect antiquities. Agreement is identical in wording to Mexican and Peruvian agreements

Making Progress With Computerized Art Theft Files
— Linda E. Ketchum
Canadian Repository of Stolen Artifacts (ROSA) and FBI’s National Stolen Art File are recent online databases: the challenge is now in persuading police and art communities to use them and to be able to share the information internationally.

Thefts In This Issue
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Los Angeles, California: Van Gogh painting, Pont sur la Seine à Paris, stolen and recovered from collector’s home. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: 125 Japanese tsubas and other sword ornaments stolen from Cranbrook Institute. Esztergom, Hungary: Three codices taken from the library of Esztergom cathedral. Berlin, West Germany: 24 Dürer engravings from a Berlin gallery. Rome, Italy: Paintings of classical ruins and tapestries stolen from Soviet ambassador's residence. Tivoli, Italy: Roman sculptures stolen from Hadrian's Villa. Belmopan, Belize: Mayan artifacts.

Letter to the Editor
— Bernard de Gatelier
On the high-security Sogegarde warehouse in Paris.

Recent Recoveries
— Lynn Stowell Pearson
Albany, New York: Bierstadt, Seacoast painting, 1981 from a New York residence. Montreal, Canada: Four paintings stolen from collector in 1983;.Woburn Abbey, England: All silver stolen in March, 1983, is found after ransom payments of £160,000.

Paintings: Avery, Beament, Bierstadt, Hofer, Hondecoeter, Modigliani, Nolde, Recco, Rivera, Seiquer, Snyders, Stael, Wiley, Unknown. Prints and Drawings: Giacometti, Johns, Matisse, Rouault. Candlesticks, Candelabra, Lamps: Cooke, Scofield, Storr; Silver: Dutch brush, oblong caskets, oblong trays, oval rosewater dish, pomade pots, square canisters, square caskets, table mirror; English Angell, Burwash, Lamerie, Pitts, Preston, Storr, Swift; beaker, circular flat porringer and cover, porringer and cover, rosewater ewer and circular dish.