Stolen Art Alert

Volume 5, No. 8

October 1984

World War II Art Losses Still Surfacing
— Bonnie Burnham and Linda E. Ketchum
Hebrew manuscripts sold at Sotheby's act as a high-profile example of issues surrounding World War II art loss. The Sotheby’s sale proceeded, despite a suit by New York State Attorney, but a judge has announced a trial to determine title on the manuscripts

Thefts In This Issue
Two George Grosz watercolors reported stolen in this issue of Stolen Art Alert claimed by dealers as part of Dennis Anderson case; Works stolen from European museums are considered national cultural property; Cooper-Hewitt Museum reports stolen prehistoric head; cultural property stolen from European churches; rewards offered for several items listed in this issue.

Sogegarde Groupe Société Générale, The French Fort Knox
Advertisement for Sogregarde’s concrete fortress for storage of precious objects.

Dealer Sentenced
Dennis Anderson jailed for theft by conversion.

Colonial-era anonymous portrait of Ephraim Turner, stolen from New England Historical Genealogical Society in 1982, turns up in flea market.