IFAR Journal

Volume 11, No. 1


Cambodia — Angkor and Beyond: The Ravages of Time, War, and Looting — An IFAR Evening, March 26, 2009
— Olivier Bernier
The author, Vice Chair of the Center for Khmer Studies, illustrates the tragedy of a lost Khmer civilization with examples of the damages that war, looting, and the elements have wrought on Cambodian temples.

Dispute against the Warhol Authentication Board Allowed to Proceed — Second Plaintiff May Soon Step Forward
— Sharon Flescher and Mary Morabito Rosewater
A discussion of Simon-Whelan v. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, a lawsuit stemming from the Warhol Authentication Board's rejection of a purported Warhol Self-Portrait. The authors review the history of the suit, discuss the recent denial by a federal court of the defendants' motion to dismiss, and examine the broader implications for authentication boards and other review committees if the case goes forward. Also discussed are the legal allegations, including anti-trust and fraud.

A New Holbein Erasmus Portrait? From Paris Auction to Rotterdam Exhibition
— Marco Grassi
The author, a paintings conservator, tells of the rediscovery of a possible Holbein portrait of Erasmus and the efforts to determine its attribution, including laboratory testing, comparison of the work with similar Holbein paintings, and provenance research.

Van Gogh's Night Café is Subject of Ownership Dispute: Yale Files Preemptory Action to Quiet Title: Heir of Bolshevik Russian Owner — Morozov — Counterclaims
— Sharon Flescher
A discussion of the ownership dispute over Van Gogh's Night Café involving the Yale University Art Gallery& #32;and the heir to Ivan Morosov, the work's pre-Bolshevik Russian owner. The article also mentions previous claims by heirs of Russian collectors.

Collector Who Lost Battle for Red Elvis Sues Her Attorneys
— Mary Morabito Rosewater
The article discusses a new lawsuit filed by Kerstin Lindholm, the collector who lost title to her Warhol painting when a Connecticut court ruled in favor of the purchaser after her dealer sold the painting without her permission.

Cleveland Museum Returns 14 Works to Italy
— Sharon Flescher
After years of discussions and the signing of an agreement in 2008, the Cleveland Museum returned 13 antiquities (some illustrated) and a Gothic processional cross to Italy. In exchange, Italy will loan similar antiquities to the museum.

Medici Conviction Upheld by Roman Court
— Sharon Flescher
In July 2009 an appeals court in Rome upheld the conviction of Giacomo Medici, the dealer who was convicted in December 2004 of crimes relating to the illegal trade in antiquities.

Stolen Art
Thefts include Salvador Dali, Adolescence and Tamar de Lempicka, The Female Musician, stolen from the Scheringa Museum of Realist Art in The Netherlands; a Pablo Picasso notebook of sketches stolen from the Picasso Museum in Paris.

Recovered Art
Recovered items include: Il Parmigianino, Holy Family and eight other paintings by Italian artists stolen in Rome; Lodovico Caracci, Saint Jerome, seized in Nazi Germany; Egyptian antiquities stolen from the Bijbels Museum in Amsterdam.

Missing Art
Missing items include: Jan Josephsz. Van Goyen, Walled City on a River and five other Dutch paintings; Antoine Bouvard, Looking Towards the Grand Canal, Venice; a Cy Twombly drawing.