IFAR Journal

Volume 12, No. 1


The Invisible Heroes: The Monuments Men
— Robert M. Edsel
A heavily illustrated, edited version of an IFAR Evening talk by the author of two books on the Monuments Men, the military "heroes" who, during WWII and after, rescued works of art looted by the Nazis in Europe.

Twenty Years and Counting: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft
— Rebecca Dreyfus; Anthony Amore; Brian T. Kelly; Geoffrey Kelly
The edited proceedings of an IFAR Evening devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the largest art theft in U.S. history. It features talks by the writer/director of a film about the investigation of the Gardner theft; the head of security at the museum; the FBI case agent; and the U.S. Attorney in Boston assigned to the case.

News and Updates: Market Makers Beware: Downstream Purchaser of Fake Basquiat Painting Allowed to Proceed Against Christie's
— Mary Morabito Rosewater
A discussion of a collector's lawsuit against Christie's regarding a fake Basquiat wherein the court allowed the case to go forward depite the fact that the plaintiff was a downstream purchaser and not the original buyer at auction.

News and Updates: A New Leonardo? In the Courts of Scholarly Opinion -- and Law -- the Jury Is Still Out
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Shima Majidi
An overview from both the art historical and legal perspectives of a consignor's lawsuit against Christie's after the auction house sold a purported Leonardo da Vinci drawing as a work by a 19th century artist of the German school.

News and Updates: Mum's the Word on Picasso Settlements with MoMA, The Guggenheim and the An drew Lloyd Webber Foundation
— Shima Majidi and Sharon Flescher
Out-of-court settlements between two museums and the heirs of Paul von Mendelssohn-Bartholdy over the ownership of two Picasso paintings allegedly sold under duress because of the Nazis lead to a similar settlement and subsequent sale at auction by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation of a third Picasso painting.

News and Updates: Coda to Schiele Dispute
— Sharon Flescher
A discussion of the settlement between the U.S. Government, the heirs of Leah Bondi-Jaray and the Leopold Museum over Egon Schiele's Portrait of Wally.

Stolen Art
Stolen items include five paintings stolen from the Musée d'Art moderne in Paris, including George Braque's Olive Tree near l'Estaque. Also, dozens of paintings and works on paper by modern French artists stolen from a private residence in La Cadière d'Azur.

Recovered Art
Recovered items include The Taking of Christ, a painting after Caravaggio stolen from a museum in the Ukraine; Camille Pissarro's Le Marché
des Poissions
, stolen in 1981; Max Ernst's Henry IV, la lionne de Belfort, l'ancien combatant, stolen in 1969.