Art Research News

• Edmund C. Tarbell: Recognition Brings Confusion
— Bonnie Burnham
• Edmund C. Tarbell Forgeries Identified by IFAR
— Virgilia Heimsath Pancoast
• Dufy Forgeries Proliferate
— Virgilia Heimsath Pancoast
• An Anatomical Lesson: Some Principles of Connoisseurship and the Rembrandt Research Project
— M. Kirby Talley
• Discoveries in Peru: The Cuzco School of Painting
— B. Burnham
• The Theft of Peru's Past
— Richard L. Burger
• Missing Links
— R. Wallace Stuart
• Cultural Property Advisory Committee Members Named
• Half a Portrait by Samuel F. B. Morse
— Paul J. Staiti
• Legal Liabilities for Art Experts: a panel discussion with John Henry Merryman, Stephen Weil, and Theodore Kaplan. An IFAR Evening: Nov. 17, 1982.
— Joan Huntoon
• Robert Rosenblum on Picasso and Ingres. An IFAR Evening: Jan. 19, 1983
— Joan Huntoon
• Conservation Problems of Contemporary Paintings: An IFAR Evening: Feb. 9, 1983
— Joan Huntoon
• International Protection of Cultural Property: Legal Protection of Cultural Property
— Bonnie Burnham
• Implementing the Convention on Illicit Traffic in Antiquities: Proposals, Past and Present.
— Malcolm Hewitt Wiener
• The Cultural Property Export and Import Act: Legislation to Encourage Co-operation.
— Ian Christie Clarke
• The Council of Europe’s Draft Convention on Stolen Art.
— Staf Dockx
• International Protection of Cultural Property–Symposium
— B. Burnham
• Dedication
• International Protection of Cultural Property: Introduction
— William B. Macomber
• International Protection of Cultural Property: Perspective from Classical Archaeology
— R. Ross Holloway