IFAR Journal

• Remembering the Florence Flood – 50 Years Later – An IFAR Evening, November 14, 2016
— Susanne P. Sack, Philippe de Montebello, and Marco Grassi
• The Mysterious James Brennerman; Did He Exist and Where Did All His Fakes Come From?
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Sharon Flescher
• Much Ado About Nothing? What is New in the “New” German Cultural Property Protection Law
— Steffanie Keim
• News and Updates: Continued Fallout from Asian Art World Investigations: Prominent Art Dealer Nancy Wiener Arrested in New York; Associates of Subhash Kapoor Arrested in India
— Nicholas Dietz and Sharon Flescher
• 20/20 Hindsight: Lessons from the Knoedler/Rosales Affair — An IFAR Evening — July 12, 2016
— Patricia Cohen, John Cahill, Sharon Flescher, James Martin, Adam Sheffer, Robert Storr
• Introduction
— Patricia Cohen
• An Overview
— John Cahill
• IFAR's 2003 Report
— Sharon Flescher
• What the Art World Needs to Know About the Ivory Ban
— Marcus Asner, Ian Wardropper, Craig Hoover, Michael McCullough
• The Legal and Regulatory Landscape -- An Overview
— Marcus Asner
• The Impact of the Federal Rule on Museum Quality Ivory Objects
— Ian Wardropper
• Strengthening U.S. Ivory Controls
— Craig Hoover
• ISIS, War and the Threat to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria
— Richard L. Zettler, Amr Al-Azm, Michael D. Danti, Brenton M. Easter
• The Monuments and Antiquities of Iraq and Syria -- An Overview
— Richard L. Zettler
• Means and Methods of Destruction
— Amr Al-Azm
• Recent Cultural Heritage Developments
— Michael D. Danti
• The Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection: A Conversation with Emily Braun and Pepe Karmel
— An IFAR Evening — February 10, 2015
• The Purloined Stradivari
— Carla Shapreau
• Restitution Roulette: A Comparison of U.S. and European Approaches to Nazi-Era Art Looting Cases
— Thomas R. Kline
• A Case of Mistaken Identity: IFAR Investigates a "Jackson" Pollock and Uncovers his Brother Charles
— Lisa Duffy-Zeballos and Sharon Flescher