IFAR Journal

• The Benton Fake Game
— Henry Adams
• The Recovery from Austria of Five Paintings by Gustav Klimt: An IFAR Evening with the Neue Galerie, July 31, 2006
— E. Randol Schoenberg
• News and Updates: MFA Boston Cedes 13 Antiquities to Italy
— Sharon Flescher
• News and Updates: Conservators Studying Damage to Recovered Munch Paintings
— Sharon Flescher
• A Digital Technique for Authentication in the Visual Arts
— Daniel Rockmore, Siwei Lyu and Hany Farid
• Toulouse-Lautrec’s Moulin-Rouge: La Goulue—Lithograph or Reproduction?
— Charles B. Goldstein
• Hurricane Katrina and the Visual Arts
— The Editor
• Hurricane Katrina: The Damage to Historic Structures on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
— David Preziosi
• A Look Back and Forward on Holocaust-Era Art Looting and Restitution Issues
— Lynn H. Nicholas
• The New FBI Art Crime Team
— The Editor
• The Art Crime Team: An Overview
— Robert K. Wittman
• FBI Art Crime Team: New York and the Northeast Region
— Johanna M. Loonie
• Art Loss in Iraq: An Update
— The Editor
• An Overview of the Losses
— John Russell
• Training Iraqis for Heritage Preservation
— B. Burnham
• Authenticity Issues in Photography
— Editor
• Courbet, or Not Courbet, That is the Question
— Petra Ten-Doesschate Chu
• Book Review: Lost in Translation
— Konstantin Akinsha
• Museum Litigation Update: 2004
— Stephen E. Weil
• News and Updates: A Recipe for Art Fraud – Government Indicts Art Dealer Ely Sakhai
— Sharon Flescher