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New York Statute - Arts & Cultural Affairs Law § 15, Sale of Visual Art Objects and Sculptures Produced in Multiples


N.Y. ARTS & CULT. AFF. LAW § 15 (2012)


The Sale of Visual Art Objects and Sculptures Produced in Multiples section of New York's  Arts and Cultural Affairs Law applies to any multiple prints or photograph sold for more than $100 each or any sculpture sold for more than $1500. Art merchants must provide information, upon request, to purchasers of a multiple. All sellers of multiples must supply the name of the artist, whether a signature appears, medium or process, use of master, time produced, and size of the edition shall be supplied. The amount of information required for each of these varies by the year in which the multiple was produced. The most exact information is required for multiples produced in or after 1982; less is required for those produced in or between 1950 and 1981; and the least for those produced before 1950. For sculptures produced in or after 1991, the merchant must supply the name of the artist, the sculpture’s title, foundry, medium, dimensions, time produced, number cast, whether theartist was alive at production, and use of master.
Artists selling or consigning their own multiples have the same obligations as do art merchants. A consignor to a merchant is liable for the information he supplies to the merchant. Consignors are not liable for the information the merchant supplies to the purchaser, provided the consignor satisfied his own obligations to the merchant.
Any art merchant who does not comply with these conditions is liable for the consideration paid by the purchaser and may have to pay attorneys’ and expert witnesses’ fees. Repeated violations may result in a civil penalty.
This law took effect on June 1, 1985.

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